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Managing life's challenges and our mental health can be overwhelming. Whether it's anxiety, depression, coping with loss or just working out what's wrong, we sometimes need help with our thoughts and feelings.

Family and friends may be able to offer support, but working with a qualified counsellor/therapist gives you the chance to fully explore the things that are causing you distress with a professional who is experienced and impartial. You also have peace of mind knowing you'll be in safe hands and whatever you say will be in confidence.

Getting the right support

What counselling can help with

You might have a particular issue you wish to work on, such as a difficult event in your life or a relationship. Or you might be holding onto something inside and would like to talk about it with someone. I have experience of working in many areas.


Equally, you don't need to be in crisis to seek therapy, you might just be interested in personal development and understanding more deeply your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

How I'll work with you

My counselling approach starts with listening and sensitively exploring with you why you've come to therapy and what you'd like to get from counselling. 


Once we have a better understanding of your situation, I'll work with you in ways that meet your needs. This might include integrating different therapeutic approaches, such as person-centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or psychodynamic psychotherapy. If you're interested in working with a particular approach we can also discuss that.


Whichever methods we use, my approach is always warm, caring and non-judgmental.

Being alongside you

I won't offer advice or my opinion. Counselling isn't about fixing you. I will listen so that I can really hear and understand what you're going through. I might reflect back to you my observations about what is being said, sometimes I might also gently challenge your thoughts and perceptions. But I will always be supportive and be alongside you.


I'll help you manage the difficulties you currently face and we'll look together at what the root of the issue is. As you reflect and discover more about yourself and your relationships, I'll support you as you find your way towards feeling better and introducing positive changes into your life.

Getting started

After we've had our initial enquiry chat on the phone, we'll agree a date and time for our first session and whether we'll meet online or in person.

Each session is 50 minutes. Our first session will be an assessment to learn more about you, what you'd like to work on in counselling and to work out whether I am the best person to help you.

If we're both happy to continue, we'll meet at a regular time each week for as long as needed.

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