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Couples Counselling

Relationships are complex and every couple faces challenges from time to time. Couples therapy offers a neutral and non-judgmental space for you to explore and work collaboratively on what has become a struggle in your relationship, and on what each of you would like to improve.

We all want to feel happy and secure in our relationships. So when those feelings get replaced with frustration, conflict, confusion or hurt, it can seem difficult to find a way back and reconnect.


My approach starts with listening and sensitively exploring with each of you why you've come to therapy and what you'd like to gain from it. 


Whether you're navigating the early stages of a relationship or grappling with longstanding issues, we'll reflect on how and why you've got to where you are now. 


I can help you find different ways to hear and understand each other, and to improve communication. These are the fundamentals resolving conflict, rebuilding trust and creating a foundation for lasting connection.

My approach

Working alongside you

I'll be an active participant in the process, observing and reflecting back how I see your ways of relating with each other and exploring where these may originate. We'll no doubt look at how past experiences are having an impact in your current relationship.


I'll help each of you to become aware of negative and unhelpful patterns that have become entrenched in the relationship. We'll work on creating awareness to break the cycle of these patterns, giving you the chance to be more present and focused on the person you're with now.

Relationship issues I can help with

Communication: Improving communication, learning to really listen to your partner, and expressing needs and concerns constructively.

Conflict resolution: Ways to manage and resolve conflicts, and find healthier approaches to dealing with disagreements.

Intimacy and connection: Address issues related to emotional, physical and sexual intimacy, including differing desires and preferences.

Trust re-building: Breaches of trust, whether because of infidelity, deception or other types of  betrayals.

Cultural and religious differences: Challenges stemming from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds and finding common ground.

Life changes: Stresses involved in life events such as marriage, separation, parenthood, job changes or relocation.

Parenting: Differing parenting styles and conflicts related to children.

Financial issues: Worries and disagreements around money, money management and work demands.

Physical, emotional and mental health: Supporting partners dealing with individual  health issues and learning how to cope together.

Getting started

The first step is to contact me and schedule an initial enquiry chat on the phone. We'll talk briefly about what you're to looking to get help with. We'll also agree a date and time for our first session and whether we'll meet online or in person.

Each session is 50 minutes. Our first session will be an assessment to learn more about you both, the issues you're experiencing, what you'd like to work on in counselling, and to establish whether I am the right person to help you.

From there, we'll tailor the following sessions to  what is needed in order to best work on the issues, including how often we should meet and the number of sessions.

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